Osage River Alpacas

Knitting Projects

Here are just a few samples of some of the products I have made from alpaca yarn.  Most of the products I make are from yarn from our own herd.  Don't know about you, but I find it hard to ride in the car or watch TV without having something to knit in my hands.
Here is a beautiful rainbow of my natural and dyed 2013 yarns.  I had a few of my fleeces spun with natural bamboo which provides a little extra strength without impacting the softness.  If you zoom in on the grey skeins you can see one is a natural grey and one is black with natural bamboo giving the yarn a tweed look.  It is one of my best sellers!!
I love this sweater!  The primary color is a blend of Aftershock and Autumn Gold.  The brown accent is a blend of Sasha Girl & Miss-T Morning.  The green, orange, and blue are dyed from a blend of my white boys Cadillac Jack and Snowflake Lynn (alias Snowballs Larry)
This sweater has made its way to South America.  I knitted this using 2 strands of Helen Hamann Deliverance and Luxury 100% alpaca sport weight yarn throughout.  The first 2 strands of the same color, then replacing one strand with the next color.
This is an example of the fabulous rugs that I have made with my alpaca rug yarn.  This rug is all natural colors from the alpacas on our farm.  I have done a little dying to create some pretty variations.  The yarn is about as big around as my pinkie and gets softer as you handle it.   It can be knitted, crocheted, or woven.